My work encompasses fashion illustration and Arabic calligraphy with an occasional blending of the two genres.
I have long been drawn to the female form, sketching and drawing woman since I was a child. It wasn’t until my academic venture in fashion design that I realized there was even a genre of art dedicated to what I had been illustrating all my life. My current fashion illustration work is an ode to the female figure represented in a minimalist aesthetic. This intentional minimalized use of line is to let the viewer fill in the details as to what the figure is wearing and doing. I enjoy giving my audience something to perk their imagination.
With Arabic calligraphy I am exploring the impact of words and the feelings that can be evoked from them based on how they are represented. I use Arabic script in my work because of how it can be manipulated and represented in many forms. It can be appreciated artistically without the viewer being able to actually read or translate the words. I also use Arabic because of its connection to the Muslim faith, which is grossly misrepresented in our society. Arabic calligraphy is considered one of the highest forms of art in Islam. I am highlighting articles of Islamic faith in a visual representation that is not confined to traditional themes or stereotypes. Though my work plays off elements of Islam, it is not inherently religious in nature. The words represented are universal and therefore can transcend religion and culture.